Rockfall barrier is used for rockfall protection of various slopes

Rockfall barrier is made of wire rope or ring mesh, steel grid, anchor, intercept anchor rope, dock, support rope, vacuum ring, steel columns and series of components. It has high strength and corrosion, high flexibility, high protective strength, rust protection and easy spreadability.

We supply SNS passive protection system and SNS active protection system, ring network protection system and galvanized chain link fence. Wire mesh fence, expanded metal and hexagonal wire netting are also offered by us. Rockfall barrier is used for rockfall protection and preventing geological disasters of various slopes and avalanche slope, bank erosion, blasting stone fly and falling objects. Our Rockfall barrier is suitable for using on any slope and terrain and convenient construction, also can shorten construction period.

Rockfall barrier is used to stop rocks with wide ranging specifications. It is designed to intercept rocks and is fitted with braking systems. It is used in hills or mountains for rocks.
Here show rock fall fence and fence post detailed specification: Including wire diameter, tensile strength, zinc coating. There are also introduce the fence bar specifications and other more info.
Rockfall netting or rockfall barrier is used in two ways: By curtain meshing the rock faces and by catch walling. Rockfall netting is commonly supplied in rolls.
Rockfall barrier or rockfall netting is used slope protection. Rock mat provides support and protection to vulnerable slopes.