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Rock Fall Fence

Here show rock fall fence and fence post technique specifications:

Rock fall fence:  2.7mm diameter square meter/sheet 1800sq/m2.
Wire.Tension strength: at least 380Mpa and not exceeding 500Mpa w/ diameter tolerance.
+/-0.08mm and zinc coating weight of 260g/sq.m, MS Plate: 1.2m × 2.4m, Tubular: 28mm, diameter: 6 meters. 
Pin: 25mm × 200mm
Rod Bar: 122 set.
Flat Bar: 6 meter (assumption, 2" × 5mm thick).

Fence bar specifications:

Tubular Steel Post 114.3mm(diameter.), 4mm thick 6meter.
Steel Cable: (16mm diameter.made by 114 wires, 6 × 19 meter/roll 3065mm.
Cable Panels (8mm diameter cable, 6 × 7 IWRC with meter/roll, resistance class: 1770N/mm square).
12mm diameter steel cable meter/roll.

Rock Fall FenceRock Fall Fence
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