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HDPE coated woven mesh rock netting


Rock netting can be supplied in rolls shall be hexagonal double twist woven wire mesh (sometimes also referred to as triple twist).

Mesh Size

Mesh openings shall be of nominal dimension of 80mm (mesh type referred to as 80 Ɨ 100mm or 8 Ɨ 10 or type 8).

Corrosion Protection

Wire shall be zinc coated to BSEN 10244-1;2001 an additionally coated with an extruded UV stabilized Grey HDPE coating of nominal radial thickness of 0.5mm.

HDPE coating:

Mesh Wire

2.70mm wire diameter to BS 1052.


Lacing wire 2.2mm wire diameter core of the same corrosion protection as with mesh fabric for assembly of the units. Stainless Steel ā€œCā€ rings fixed with pneumatic closing tool (1 clip every other mesh opening) can be used as an alternative to continuous lacing.

Notes on Extruded HDPE v Extruded HDPE PVC Coatings

Properties of Polymer Coatings

PROPERTY Extruded HDPE Coating Extruded PVC Coating
Oxidation resistance Excellent Excellent
Heat resistance Excellent Good to excellent
Oil resistance Good to excellent Fair
Low temperature resistance Excellent ( -135 deg C) Poor to good (-40 deg C)
UV resistance Excellent Good to excellent
Ozone resistance Excellent Excellent
Abrasion resistance Excellent Fair to good
Elongation 700% 280%
Tensile Strength Min 30kPa Min 16kPa

Resistance to chemicals

PROPERTY Extruded HDPE Coating Extruded PVC Coating
Water Excellent Fair to good
Acid Excellent Good to excellent
Alkali Excellent Good to excellent
Fuel Good to excellent Poor

The properties and chemical resistance of the Extruded HDPE coating is superior compared to the traditional Extruded PVC coating. The application of the HDPE coating for gabions represents a significant step forward in ensuring the durability and performance of the corrosion protected afforded.

A common problem with Extruded PVC coatings on woven wire mesh is that during manufacture (when the wires are twisted together) work hardening of the PVC coating takes place combined with the inferior of elongation properties of the PVC coating splitting of the PVC coating occurs reducing the long term durability of the product.

With the Extruded HDPE this problem is considerably reduced due to the greater elongation properties of the polymer coating splitting of the Extruded HDPE.

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