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Slopes Protection

Combines the benefits of eromat with additional steel reinforcement. Manufactured from coir/straw fibres with a choice of galvanised or PVC coated hexagonal twist steel wire mesh.

Rock mat provides additional long term support and protection to vulnerable slopes. Superb vegetation establishment is possible due to the Ero mat blanket shielding young seedlings and face reinforcement ensures slope face degradation from water runoff to frost heave is prevented.

Rock mat provides a highly effective anti-vermin protection layer where rabbits and foxes etc. are likely to create slope instability due to burrowing.

Embankment Mat

Embankment mat provides the erosion control benefits of the Cova mat and ero mat with the strength and durability of the geo coir net. Manufactured using coir bristle fibres, Embankment mat can withstand aggressive erosion factors. It is ideal for watercourse embankment or for soil reinforcement of footpaths and access tracks.

Embankment mat can be supplied pre-seeded or un-seeded.

Vegetation/Sedum Mat

Vegetation mat is a unique multi-layered soil filled blanket. It allows the provision of a soil layer onto clay or rock slopes to promote vegetation. It can be supplied pre-seeded or un-seeded with grasses and sedum.

Slopes Protection
Slopes Protection

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