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Rockfallbarrier Corporation is different from others because of superior products, exceptional customer service, flexibility, knowledgeable people and reliable partner.

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At Rockfallbarrier, we believe that people are at the core of everything we do. We invest in our people and empower them to do whatever it takes to make sure you have exactly what you need to remain competitive, meet your goals and keep your company growing. We invest in quality and innovation and we employ advanced manufacturing technologies that set the standard for the industry. And we are constantly identifying new ways to solve complex problems, striving to reduce lead times, cut costs and evaluate how we can better serve you and your organization.
Rockfallbarrier Corporation produces complete protection systems against rockfall, unstable rock and loose rock slopes, landslides, debris flow and avalanches. At the same time we support the ordering party, planner and building contractor with our know-how from related spheres of application - also with respect to combined protection measures. With production facilities on three continents as well as branch offices and representatives around the globe, Rockfallbarrier Corporation is always close to its customers. So "close to customer relations" are not limited to sales but covers the entire process chain.

Only field tests really ensure true protection

The performance of Rockfallbarrier Corporation protection systems are not only calculated. We test our systems according to the world's most rigorous directives in 1:1 field tests with impact and tearing tests. At the same time the performance parameters of all system components are regularly monitored by independent testing institutions.

Project and risk-related

There are no standard solutions for complex threat situations. That is why we analyze every hazard situation prior to developing individual and often totally new protection systems, based on highly specialized know-how from 50 years of steel wire processing.

Simulation software as a basis for dimensioning

Our FARO software is verified and calibrated through 1:1 tests. With this we can represent which parts of a structure are stressed with which forces in an event. The results of this simulation are incorporated in the dimensioning of the protection measures - for instance in the shape of special anchorages or reduced post intervals.

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